Plan & Pricing

Structures of Pricing

Every billing and the coding firm has its own set of pricing guidelines. We offer a certain percentage of a practice’s revenue from insurers and patients. We charge a minimum percentage on outdated AR in order to assist our clients in running their businesses smoothly. We don’t have any hidden fees, startup costs, or training costs, however “Provider credentialing and enrollments” have their own fees. As a trusted partner, our goal is to assist medical billing practices.

How Our Rates Are Fixed?

For complete RCM services, we always charge an inexpensive percentage. Prices may
vary depending on the speciality, but we guarantee that revenue will increase as expenses and operational costs are reduced. Our outsourced RCM services are designed to boost productivity and make the practice run more smoothly. We never charge more than the amount set aside for practice.


We Are Constantly Working Towards The Highest Level Of Compliance Possible

We Can Help You Establish HIPAA Compliance