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Medical Billing

Four Vision Healthcare Medical Billing Services serves as a mediator between medical providers and payers. Our team is aware of the time constraints that both doctors and patients encounter on a daily basis, and we provide Revenue Cycle Management (RCM) in medical services to help you manage your billing more effectively. We assist in the reduction of operational costs, resulting in a considerable rise in revenue. Throughout the year, we provide round-the-clock services to resolve coding and billing issues and ensure that you receive your payments on schedule. To eliminate errors and discrepancies, we focus on giving the greatest quality product with accuracy. We are a prominent medical billing service provider in Arizona, and we are well-versed in EHR/EMRs, which play an important role in lowering claim denials and improving revenue for your business.


Financial Stability – Faster

Software Solution LA saves your time and money by investing time and resources to provide maximum reimbursement by features like tracking of all the billing information and insurance payments, follow-up on all denied claims. we help our clients to streamline their medical billing process to make cash flow running and give them control financial performance by maximizing your finances.

Less Chaos - More Gain

Cients cannot provide their best if they are worried about their billing, so software solution la is here to help them to take care of all billing problems. Our clients focus on customer care and we make sure the claims are getting paid timely.

Just A Call Away

If your practice thinks their financial operations are drowning under the workload. Just contact us and discuss your problems. We'll answer all of your queries to help you beyond your expectations in medical billing.

A Quick Audit

Is your medical billing practice working efficiently? Make us a call to check it for you. We'll let you know where you stand financially and how much cash is going to be drowned. The report will be awful for you.

Why Choose Us?

Maximizing Your Reimbursement

Maximizing cash flow of our clients is our top priority. We apply our best services to make it sure and let you free about medical billing problems. We belive to provide the best, customized and accurate rcm services to our clients.

Industry Insight

Software Solutoin LA keep analyzing your accounts receivable. Clean claims payments, fixing rejections, denials, and keep up to date fee schedules to get our clients accurate payments. Old pending account receivables, we help to fix them on priority.

Consult An Expert Today

Your practice has medical billing and financial problems? Give us a call +1 (800) 400-3226, we'll overview your finance s and track medical billing operations. We offer free medical billing consultancy. We'll show you the loopholes, where your cash flow is, and the plans how to increase your revenue.

A Few Words About Us

Software Solution LA is an accurate, reliable and one of the leading medical billing companies in the USA. Our services allow companies to maximize profit with the firm. A comprehensive portfolio of revenue cycle management and IT solutions, including medical billing and coding, insurance claims & collections, out of network revenue cycle services, physician credentialing, and claim funding, among others. Our aim is to increase our clients revenue to highest level with our best medical billing services.


Medical Billing Services

Revenue Cycle Management (RCM) services are the core of any physician practice. It isn’t equivalent to billing but a process that requires more than billing, including denials and claim management and accurate financial reporting.
-HIPAA compliance. (Data and Document Security).
-Highly skilled support personnel.
-Real-time availibility of Reports.
-Claims submission timely.
-High quality controls and information security policies.
-Highly experienced staff to work on accounts receivable.
-Correct coding and billing across specialties consistently.
-Secure information and data flow.

Provider Credentialing And Enrollment

We ensure that providers contracts are up to date with the payers. Credentialing is a base of starting a clinic or healthcare facility. We stays up to date to keep providers and insurances in a relationship.

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